The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Home Page includes transcripts of hearings and text of amnesty petitions
 The South African Broadcasting Corporation, producers of the series
Possible Good Teaching Episodes

Episode 45: overview of TRC process after first year of operations

Episode 46: Brian Mitchell (security policeman, amnesty applicant) face-face attempt to reconcile with Trust Feed community where 11 people were killed

Episode 54: HRV overview with snippets of testimonies by victims and highlights of some of the most emotional moments; “day in the life” of HRV hearings at TRC from perspective of victim and commissioners

Episode 56: amnesty application hearings on St James Church Massacre and Amy Biehl killing, both incidents of violence by liberation movements, includes footage of some face-face confrontations and attempts at reconciliation

Episode 57: Jeffrey Benzien (security policeman, amnesty applicant) testimony about methods of torture and some face-face confrontation at the hearings between Benzien and former victims

Episode 69A/B: Special Hearings on Armed Forces (the Police, the SADF, MK and APLA) including political motivations of APLA and assassination attempts by apartheid regime. (episode B slightly better than A)

Episode 70A/B: Special Hearings on the State Security Council with testimony by four former Cabinet Ministers. 70A covers issues such as orders to assassinate, assessing responsibility for gross human rights violations, and expressions of regret; 70B contains expressions of remorse and the assumption of responsibility by one former Cabinet member; this episode also contains an overview of the HRV hearings similar to episode 54.

Episdoe 71A: This episode contains a number of segments on amnesty hearings and the amnesty process generally, including statistics on amnesty applications and amnesties granted and refused; the criteria for the granting of amnesty; and the issue of remorse and repentance